We are the true story about orphanage in Uganda

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A society free from humanitarian crises for sustainable economic development. 

Our Mission 

To promote innovations that guide development programming processes, goals and objectives of several initiatives in a clean and healthy environment for sustainable community development through support and advocacy. 

Our Objectives 

To facilitate the achievement of its mission, Robert Foundation pursues the following objectives:

 To bring children to Christ through giving them care and love. 

To have help a child to be a better person. 

To give do it yourself skills to all our children. 

To change the minds of those who seem to be nothing to something. 

To bring the children who are not in Christ to Christ {we don’t have any specific religion, he said come all of you who are burdened I will make you rest, he is the God of all with flesh, not God of a certain religion, he did not come to condemn a sinner but a sinner to turn away from his sins.